If you are going to another country whose language you do not know,
sometimes a basic vocabulary of useful definitions can save you time and
effort. Here are some for Listening In

The mind follows the senses. The senses relate to the ‘overallness’. The
‘overallness’ is an everything everywhere embodiment. The mind is in
relationship to this ‘overallness’.

The Soul of the Universe is a ‘permeation’ that sweeps through everything.
Without the ‘permeation’ there would be no ‘overallness’.The Soul belongs
to the ‘permeation’ and loneliness prevails when the ‘permeation’ isn’t
experienced in everything. The mind-senses are incapable of grasping the
intervals where the in-breath turns to the outbreath and the stillness interval
where the out-breath turns to the in-breath. The ‘permeation’ is veiled
when the in-breath / out-breath intervals remain unconscious.

Permeation’ is the intervals. HigherSelf consciousness streams from the
Absent the intervals’ ‘permeation, the ‘mind-senses’ and the inbreath
/ out-breath come together in a vain attempt to comprehend the
‘overallness’. —The Dreamer