Notes From the Dreamer

Notes on Dreams from the Dreamer in answer to the question:

What are dreams?

Dreams are reflective, but because you work more with light when you dream, there is a little better access.

The outer is also reflective.  But much slower.  In the outer you live out what comes through you as a bewildering amnesia.  The mind senses try to comprehend.  But that is essentially hopeless.

There are multiple levels of dreaming.  Initially a person works upon themselves. They are still seeing themselves as a [me, myself, and I].   Dreams while you are working on yourself are awkward.  So much is psychological.  You misinterpret as much as you get right.

Eventually you realize dreaming isn’t about you.  That is because you are inextricably intertwined with the Universe.  And more specifically, you are the permeating essence of the Universe.  

There is guidance in those dreams but what or who (is there) to pay attention.  

You cannot properly portray such dreams, experiences, visions, — with the mind senses.  The mind senses image through a light inflection flicker, – and that is fleeting.

The last couple nights hint to what it is like to let go of flickering in a mind sense/light fleetingness.  It is possible to go into the senses (with a higher octave smell and taste) and do so without the mind as the predominate sense.   [Still not the permeating essence].   

State bluntly, what plays out with the mind senses is a purgatory.  You suffer.  But pretend otherwise.

Another feature about dreaming into knowing that is fascinating:

This is a feature that also applies to some degree for a person who is affected by repeat dreams.  But because of a naieve innocence, the very first dreams that a person pulls out often hint at something more in terms of life. You are actually much deeper.  You do not realize it as an innocence shields from too much light (too quickly). Those dreams often tell a story of how you are to unfold in the micro.