Why We Don’t Get It

“…the dumbed down, concretized overallness is the consciousness of man, a consciousness that is in a purgatory. And at the same time, time and space then control keeping the unseen permeation veiled.”

Well, I think I might have dreamt in a way last night that I finally figured out why it is that no one can understand anything is it’s because they only have the realms of perception. They veil off the actual realms that are all part of them, but they only have realms of perception that deal within time and space and time and space is an octave of in-breath and out-breath. It’s a dumbed-down version of in-breath and out-breath because the deeper version of in-breath is going to your overallness And the out-breath is coming down and creating something. then the limited version of this is time and space, and then the mindset of that and what we perceive and what we relate to there, is an octave of the overall, but it’s only like 4%.

And, but it’s such a dumbed-down version that we have no cognition of a reality in the 96% and thus as a consequence when something is speaking of that, or is relating to that because we don’t experience that, it doesn’t make any sense. And we have to try to figure out how to write it down or to depict it in a way to fit some mindset because that’s all that we know We’re lost in the mindset. And the mindset is a volleying that exists between sound and light and we make fixes in relationship to that. You can make a fix that can last many lifetimes, maybe a couple of thousand years, but it is still very, very limited,

Very short-term oriented; does not take into account the overall equation of off the totality that is us. And as a consequence, you know, if you look at yourself closely, you realize that that there isn’t anything that you are doing that isn’t just trying to bicycle around a bit better., Uh, or put lipstick on a pig, so to speak in terms of the various conceptualizations and ideations of it in the atmosphere. We’re causing this atmosphere with this time and space that we’ve dealt with, you know, that worked with light and sound that gets caught in the mindset. The time-space is an illusion and the mindsets that we have to create illusions upon illusions or reflections upon reflections. You cannot maintain a manifestation that isn’t trying to do temporal things– that is caught in time and space without having to continually throw ‘states’ at it, various mindsets, very very, very, very limited denials, and bifurcations from the wholeness that we are.

So to talk about something like this is almost ludicrous because, without the experience of it, you can’t hear it. You have to put it into a mindset way of grasping it. And when you put it into a mindset way of grasping at you denude it, you reduce it to something that has a temporal mannerism to it instead of the overall, you reduce it to something that makes sense within the schematics of time and space.

And I’m finding it very interesting that one could go inside and understand the makeup of the cosmos from understanding something, in terms of an overallness inside of oneself and how that overallness works as the aliveness. You can know the cosmos from inside of yourself, you don’t have to study it with instruments and this that and the other, and try to make it into some sort of mindset orientation.

And yet that is all that we seem to know how to do. We can only function within this 4% of perceptivity –mindset perceptions. And so you can look at this in terms of anything, you know, you can look us up in this progressive versus somebody that’s conservative, and they are just atmospheres. And they each have a mindset that they function with. And that which is progressive is actually conservative on another level and so on and so on, and so on, as you expand from, from say sound to more light, it’s just a parameter that the wiggles around, and, and you can actually get to a point like if you were to really look at something in a bigger schematic, like, let’s say you were talking to the Native American, where they have this connection at one point in time that even tuned to an alive, that was so much more, and now you’re taking your find the Native American in a position where he is so veiled and beat down.

He really is in a purgatory-like abomination of self. And so that deep down, you feel bad and you might want to rearrange the laws. In other words, justice then becomes a matter of maybe satisfying a pang of guilt that you hold latently inside. So that’s where you get into the sloppiness of the mindset, where you even throw out the mindset from time to time in order to rationalize and justify something based upon an echo of an atmosphere that you can’t catch up with that, you know, is relevant in some other way, but it’s way beyond your ability to scope it out. See how this goes? You just stay all twisted up, twisted up manufacturing projections, and then projections upon projections, and then recognizing something deeper.

And so you, then you make a projection upon that, something deeper. And so you keep everything held in an orientation atmosphere, this bounded in the 4%, as a mindset in time and space outside of the overallness and anyone who could operate outside of that isn’t here, not in the sense that we call here because what we call here has to do with a mindset. A position. not a nothingness, not an overallness. We don’t acknowledge that. We want to acknowledge that everyone has their differences of opinion, and there is no difference of opinion when it’s all one, it’s all without the totality of knowingness and a wholeness. The difference of opinions comes from the deviations.

And yet we go around with our Republican and Democrat with our various countries, various flags, all preaching and carrying on in some orientation, lifestyle choices of how to be, and think that that’s what it’s about. And if you talk other than that, that’s crazy talk because it’s not within the realm of what a human being perceives.

And that’s why it’s such a big problem to try to write something down that describes and portrays something because it just bounces around in relationship to mind-sense. Some can be better than others that can affect something in the temporal for a little longer, but all of it runs its course. And just what is the course? You know, I mean, gosh, I ancient Chinese used to identify with, with the vibration, an energetic almost of an insightfulness coming from the North star 330 light-years away. Otherwise, what is time? What is time? What is that overallness that is outside of that, that we even at one point could reduce this to time? And no, of course, the Native Americans had it pruned down to more of the closer in planets like Venus, and the moon and the sun. When we have it reduced even denser an aspect of time, and each reduction results in a further and further removal of ourselves in terms of this other part of ourselves that we have no idea whatsoever about because 24/7constantly is the bombardment of the 4%.

And that 4% is just a lower octave of the whole. it’s all a hundred percent and we’re only playing with the 4% octave off of the whole and making that real. Oh my goodness. How silly can you get?

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