Intro to Dreaming

There are lots of ways to explore outer space. But there is an inner world as well. Let’s explore beyond light and sound and time and space. Join us as we listen in to an experienced “Innernaut” and get introduced to a new language to describe this uncharted inverted space entered through the portal of dreams.

Last night. I was confronted with having to look at different levels of dreaming and different ways in which one dreams, and a new way of getting information. Initially, when one starts dreaming, the dreams are awkward because they are working on themselves. And so they’re going through their nafs or ego, a very shallow initial beginning.. Then your dreams take on an octave where you start working on the collective a bit, meaning the outer, the overall, trying to get more into the overallness. Eventually, it goes from there to where you start to see how things actually are –somewhere else. In other words, a quality of who you are in a whole other level or capacity.

Then from there, it goes back to the dilemma of how do you function in the outer because you’re veiled from this other so you have trouble finding where you’re at and where you’re going and on and on and on, you know, that kind of bewilderment. And then from there, it goes to where you can come back to the personal again. And this time in the personal, you are being ratted out in terms of what some mood or mannerism you’re carrying that is keeping you from connecting to some other part that is really, really, really a whole lot deeper. And it’ll keep exposing this demeanor.

So now you’re getting information again that’s a little bit about the personal of your self, for the purposes of you being able to set that aside. So that you can actually now do more of the work of the inner. Because it’s not about us. It’s about this whole other quality of our beingness. Then it shifts a little bit again, in that you go through a quality of guilt. Like a guilt. What I’ve been going through is more a quality of the feminine. And then this is more masculine, where you’re going through a part of the quality of a type of guilt or responsibility or something. And that’s when you start getting information, in terms of how something is meant to be. I guess it’s similar to the feminine way. It’s just that you’re trying to pull it down when the feminine way is hoping to come to it. You’re trying to bring it through. You’re inclined to see barriers on the physical level. And you can carry on differently than another person who has a dream somewhat like this.

When I dream something like this, I can, I can carry on a discussion inside of myself.

In terms of the pros and cons? I wish I could write this stuff down, man, oh man, it is so eloquent. So I can’t pull it out like that, but is it ever eloquent inside when you’re going through explaining the reasons why something is important in terms coming through. But then when you write it up in terms of what you’re dreaming you’re suddenly seeing something in a whole new way that is in the way that is a violation or a putrification in terms of how stuff that can just naturally flow.

I can read a little of the meditation dream that was along these lines, but I don’t know if it will make much sense. So in the meditation dream, I dreamt that when a system is organized and sensible, okay. Meaning, you know, that’s like maybe we’re kind of in a system.

And when we’re organized and sensitive such things You can connect to this part of yourself. That is so deep, deep, deep. And if we are at a kind of micro-macro, let’s say we’re a whole county and things are able to function more efficiently because inner and the outer are working together. Well in the meditation dream , not only does it make things work better, but you know, a County, if it’s trying to maximize its it’s use of revenue and things that it collects more revenues are able to be taken in once things are designed to work rather than being chaotic to the point that no one knows what is going on.

Well, so inside of myself, I was comparing the situation to one that worked appropriately and explaining why what was appropriate and how that workings connected Like this was so significant. Apparently, I was in a really interesting space because that was really eloquent. And you know what I was saying, this is what caused me to remember this discussion. Normally there’s no discussion, but there’s a regular discussion going on. The principal point that I was making is is that the way things get deviated is no one goes back and looks this stuff up in terms of how it is that they really are.

So if they can’t find it, they can’t catch up with that. We just kind of act as if “so what”, and we go off in our errant rationalizations If you are quibbling with it you’re blocking it. If you can let go, more is possible. And this is the reason for keeping a situation in order.

So, you might say it’s a dream that’s relating to the macro too, explaining importance of something. What I’m looking at is something in the micro, but I’m describing something that’s important in terms of the macro. And of course, some of the things that are kept in order, all of those little deviations are kept from flying into each other. You know, because our idea of gravity is a little misplaced in that there is something about the cosmos and all of the different cosmoses. They all function in their own kind of orbit and they don’t go crashing into each other. You know, there is a system to this. And anyway, I can say it was kind of an unusual dream and I didn’t have a sleep dream to back it up with. Because this had a profound effect upon me, this dialogue inside explaining like listening to myself say things. And I’m listening just as intently as I’m lecturing like an inner teacher to myself as kind of a student inside of myself in terms of how things should be balanced and functioning.

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