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What Physicists see with electron microscopes Mystics know in their bones.

What the knights in the archetypal world of Medieval Europe sought to destroy in its lair, the fearsome fire-breathing Dragon, the modern hero does when he or she descends into the unexamined depths of the human psyche and dispels the shadow.

Each night the Meditating Dreamer offers his psyche up to encounter the unknown. Sometimes he encounters despair, other times revelation, but each time another felt sense of the intertwined being which we are comes forward. 

What a gift is each morsel given in a seemingly never ending flow. And with each revelation, he does not look back, lest his mind-sense which is always ready to claim the whole as its own to be boxed up and weaponized in this manifestation.

These revelations are for all of us individually and collectively so that we might  make this inheritance a realized living gift. The only limitations are those we place upon ourselves. 

As a 20th century mystic asked with raised eyebrow, 

“ Have you the courage to be who you really are?”

It is to this premise that we dedicate our work to make it so.

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We Can’t Go On In the Grace of the Last 2000 Years

“You can’t keep expecting the environmental vibration to change of its own accord, it needs a state of attention, brought to try to enliven, quicken, and refresh, to invigorate again. I see a different kind of approach taking into account what’s going on.”–the dream report. –the Dreamer The meditation dream was something that started from … Continue reading We Can’t Go On In the Grace of the Last 2000 Years

Why We Don’t Get It

“…the dumbed down, concretized overallness is the consciousness of man, a consciousness that is in a purgatory. And at the same time, time and space then control keeping the unseen permeation veiled.”

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